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Sometimes the best thing you can do is invest in yourself. Calling all you mompreneurs out there. My friend and coach Sky Mandala Marcano has a beautiful group of women supporting one another through the process of discovering their brands and creating content that feels organic and easy to write. I can't believe how working with her and being part of her group and getting her coaching has changed how I work. I am more efficient, effective and don't struggle with sharing my voice. So, if you are a mom ready to up level your online presence I highly suggest working with Sky. Toni Genovese 

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What people are saying:

Playing with text in Canva for the beautiful designs Sky created in no time at all and aligns perfectly with what I do. LOVE LOVE LOVE. More to come but I must get them onto Insta. I often feel that Sky is 'in my head' with some of her creations. Intuitive brand artist indeed!!

Omg Sky captured my style better than I could have done it myself. And her art is so won't look like anyone else! Katya Varbanova -

Thank you so much Sky for your FABULOUS work! You were able to bring out the essence of my brand with a stunning feminine energy I’ve yet replicated elsewhere! Not only did you create a gorgeous logo, image, frames, headers and buttons for my website, but you were able to lift my brand colors to a whole other level beyond my wildest dreams. I can’t wait to work with you again in the future, thank you!!! 

From Cindy Kennedy - Fuss Free Gluten Free  

 I took Sky's class on Social Media, Marketing and Selling Online. It was full of advice and ideas very specific to the topic at hand. Sky has been there, done that and is incredibly open about her experiences. It made the topic incredibly tangible and I feel like I have been given the tools to tackle what beforehand seemed like an impossible venture. For that I am truly grateful. Lunch was fantastic too. Also being in a class with other entrepreneurs sharing frustrations and Aha's was invaluable. ~ Lorraine Hamilton

Hey Sky! What I really appreciate receiving is your ability to help me focus and identify what I already know but for whatever reason have not taken the time to recognize. Not until now anyway! I’ve got a solid plan of a workshop that I actually have a date set in mind for. Time for me to finally bring in some cash for the skills I have to offer. AND it’s going to beautiful AND fun! Huge big thankful hug! ~ Odette Graham 

When I met Sky I dabbled in colors. Now I flourish with her branding art. She whipped up a palette and designs that spoke to my message. Cordelia Gaffar -

I just finished my last 30 day mentorship with sky last night! It was amazing! Skys teaching and knowledge helped me out so much. She helped me to focus and get organized with my goals and plans and how to over come obstacles and road blocks. I highly recommend sky ! Thank you so much ~ Lindsay Etheridge - Whispering Visions

Sky. Her name reflects just how high and wide her experience and vision can take you! Working with your potential and your dreams, she will show you you in a new way. Her story is poignant and powerful and one she shares freely. She has been where many of you are coming from. She is keenly able to provide tools, evidence, landmarks, experience and guidance that will save you countless hours of time and pain. And she desires to share and guide you to your very best! You've already waited and struggled. Why continue the same? Spend some time with Sky and see that the sky truly is the limit for you! Isabelle Lavinia

Sky is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to online selling, business info, resources and networking. I have learned many new tools to now put into action! Thank you Sky! ~ Erin Morris  

"I love me some Sky Mandala Marcano fashion designer, social media queen and she has been a huge ‪#‎Plus in my business success recently! ~ Lori DeBell

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About Sky 

Hi! My name is Sky.

Contact: e: skymarcano (at)

I was a clothing brand designer and brand owner for over 15 years. We grew my first company to sell millions of dollars in clothing sales and 100's of wholesale clients around the world!  

I help YOU create epic content and visuals to attract your ideal clients online. I encourage leaders to take MORE inspired action with business and dreams! 

I have over 10 years experience selling and marketing online. 

My content consulting packages and courses are for coaches, therapists, healers, intuitive and creative personal brand owners wanting to use social media and communication to impact lives and attract more ideal clients. I help business owners create a life and business they love to work on!!! And I help you take inspired action every week!